Reconditioning / Repair

Our technicians can recondition/repair most valve types. We start our reconditioning process by first inspecting the general condition of the valve, focusing on erosion, corrosion, and cracking followed by disassembly and cleaning of the valve. Subsequently we refurbish/replace the trim and seat to meet factory specifications, replace the packing and replace the valve stem (if necessary).

  • Reconditioning
  • Repair

During the reconditioning process we may also machine the flange face in order to ensure squareness and ensure that the surface is clean and ready to accept the new sealing gasket. In the course of this process we will also replace any damaged grease fittings. When finished, the valve will be tested, labeled, and painted to help protect against corrosion. All repairs are done within the context of the valves specific pressure rating and safety factor.

With the instruction of our clients, valves can also undergo partial repairs. These are repairs that are not as extensive as a complete reconditioning but nevertheless necessary to bring back a valve to good operating condition.